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Freezer Repair in Ogden, Utah

Warm or cold, wet or frozen, freezers develop issues. When an issue arises, how will you handle it? It can be quite frustrating to experience issues with your freezer, and nobody wants to come home to a lot of thawed out food. Before you panic, consider some common problems that could be to blame for your ineffective freezer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at iFiX, LLC for freezer repair in Ogden Utah, to resolve your situation promptly and professionally.

Some common freezer problems include:

  • Not freezing properly. If your freezer is wet or feels warmer than usual, check the door’s seal to ensure it closes tightly. If you find difficulty freezing food, it could be a thermostat issue. Ask a repair professional to assess and replace, if needed.
  • Constantly running freezer. If your freezer is constantly running, this could be a sign of a faulty thermostat. This is what controls the temperature inside the freezer. Consult with an expert before this issue burns-out the freezer’s motor.
  • Too much frost and ice. A lot of ice and frost built-up on the walls and floor of your freezer is likely due to a faulty door gasket or problem with the self-defrosting feature of your freezer. Defer to an appliance repair expert.
  • Freezer burnt food. If you find over-frozen food in your freezer, this is likely due to how the food is wrapped rather than your freezer. Wrap tightly to prevent this in the future. 
  • You basically have two different options when it comes to resolving your freezer issue:

When to do it yourself? 

If you prefer to take a DIY approach, make sure to disconnect the refrigerator/freezer before you attempt any type of repair. A common culprit of a faulty freezer is a bad gasket seal; though not difficult, if these seals are not replaced properly, you risk making the situation worse. Also, never attempt to repair electrical or power issues, as this can be very dangerous. Stay safe and call iFiX to resolve your chilly situation fast!

When to call a professional.

A faulty freezer can cause major disruptions in everyday living. Perhaps the fastest, most fool-proof approach is to call an expert in freezer repair in Ogden, Utah, or the surrounding areas, Roy and Layton. Don’t risk losing a stock-pile of groceries or damaging your refrigerator further with delayed action. Contact our professionals to assess, resolve, and advise, so you can resume your normal routine.

Hire our freezer and refrigeration experts at the first sign of trouble to fix the issue fast, and curb potential damage. Our professionals at iFiX, LLC are ready and able to take on any and all of your refrigerator repairs, including freezers, in Ogden, Utah, as well as surrounding areas.