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We offer trash compactor repair in Ogden, Utah. Having a trash compactor is a great convenience to consolidate a large amount of trash into a single bag. This kitchen convenience helps you fit more trash into your dumpster and making it possible to take the trash out less frequent. What happens when the trash compactor isn’t functioning properly? Your nice kitchen convenience suddenly becomes a large inconvenience. If you need help for your trash compactor repair in Ogden, Utah, call us today!

Why isn’t my trash compactor working? 

There are a few common trash compactor problems that you may be able to identify with your trash compactor. Perhaps through troubleshooting, you can fix the problem on your own.

  • Is your trash compactor plugged in? Perhaps a simple question, but it is common for the vibrations of the trash compactor to cause the plug to lose connection or it may have been bumped and came free. It is a common oversight and a simple solution to get your trash compactor up and running again.
  • Is your garbage compactor drawer jammed? This can happen if the compacting cycle was interrupted and the ram (the part doing the compressing) is still in the lowered position. You will want to complete the compacting cycle and try reopening the compactor drawer.

In addition to keeping your trash compactor working, you should always keep your trash compactor clean. This will help keep odors away and the parts that keep your compactor working on track with no obstructions.


Getting your trash compactor repair in Ogden, Utah done quickly is our top priority! We don’t want you to have to deal with the inconvenience a broken appliance may cause. Our services to repair your trash compactor will be done quickly, with absolute quality, and in accordance with your schedule. We have a professionally trained staff that has the proper experience that will determine the cause of your trash compactor problem and get it up and running as fast as possible.

Trash Compactor Repair in Ogden, Utah and Surrounding Areas 

Do you live in Ogden or the surrounding areas and are dealing with a malfunctioning trash compactor? We provide trash compactor repair services to homes in Ogden to Layton. It would be our pleasure to diagnose the problem you’re are experiencing and repair it if you choose. We respect your time and will schedule a time that is best for you. 

Don’t deal with the inconvenience of a non-functioning trash compactor any longer. Call us today or use our contact form and we can arrange the earliest time to get your trash compactor repair in Ogden completed.