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The vent hood is a commonly used appliance in the kitchen that is neglected until it suddenly stops working! Vent hoods help to keep the kitchen smelling fresh and clean. When you are cooking bacon and other foods, vent hoods can seem like one of the best inventions. Vent hoods provide odor removal and ventilation and come in a variety of styles to give your kitchen a unique appearance. However, what can you do if your vent hood stops working, or the light shorts out?

Common Vent Hood Repairs

Vent hoods are designed to extract air from within the home and push it outside the home. However, most vent hoods in homes are designed simply to filter and recirculate air back into the kitchen. Using a vent hood is a great way to help improve the air quality in your home, and it does limit the buildup of oil that can start to occur to the cabinets over the years as smoke and heat start to build up on the cabinets. Homeowners often forget to change the filter on a vent hood, which causes the motor to work harder and can lead to other problems. So what are some of the common vent hood issues you need to be concerned about:

  • The vent hood isn’t sucking up smoke. If you have a non-ducted vent hood, the smoke won’t clear if you have a filter that is clogged. Try replacing the filter to see if this helps, if not give us a call to check on issues that could cause the exhaust to have problems pushing the smoke out of the home, or circulating it correctly.
  • Air is not venting. When the air isn’t venting correctly, it’s normally due to a broken exhaust fan or a broken fan blade. The blower motor could have something stuck inside it, causing vent problems.
  • The motor is making noise. Is your vent hood humming or making a clicking noise? The exhaust fan motor may need to be replaced. If your motor is loud, you could be dealing with fan motor bearings.
  • The lights aren’t working. If the lights aren’t working, this could indicate a broken light assembly, defective switch, blown fuse, or a defective control board.

Broken Vent Hood Repair Needs

When it comes to a vent hood, your best bet is to contact a professional. Vent hoods are tricky to work on for many homeowners as there are a lot of electrical components that need to be tested to identify the root cause of the problem. Another concern with vent hoods is the amount of moisture that can begin building up from steam and cooking that occurs beneath it. If you do not repair a vent hood, you won’t be able to rely on it to keep the air in your home clean, and it won’t allow you to remove excess smoke and steam while cooking.

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If you have a broken vent hood, call iFiX today. Our professionals have the experience, training, and resources needed to properly repair or replace vent hoods. If you are in Ogden or surrounding areas, iFiX is your solution for appliance repair needs!