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Washing machine repair in Ogden, Utah. Is your washing machine malfunctioning? Have you noticed it will not drain properly, or it simply stopped spinning? If you need washing machine repair in Ogden, iFiX is here to help! Our qualified experts can work on all makes and models of washing machines in a timely manner.

Washer Repair Service in Weber County

Did you know on average a washing machine will last approximately 10 years or less? Do you provide regular maintenance on your washing machine? If you are like most people, a washing machine simply is an appliance in the home to keep your clothes clean. A standard washing machine will break down at least once before it reaches that 10-year mark.

Normally we see issues with disconnected hoses and clanking noises, which often indicate a problem with the motor or even a toy stuck between the basin and the wall. iFiX will troubleshoot your washing machine and will get to the bottom of the problem, and make the necessary repairs correctly in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Troubleshooting a Broken Washing Machine

Is your washing machine leaking? Maybe you noticed it simply won’t spin correctly. We always look for the best solutions to help our customers with their appliance problems. We recommend all homeowners replace the hoses to their washing machine every three to five years. Check the hoses and connections for signs of leaks as a simple drip can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. If the basin is not spinning correctly, it could be due to the laundry load inside. Try pulling out ¼ of the load to see if it spins correctly. Another reason could be due to the way the clothes have been loaded. If the basin is out of balance, it will not spin and drain properly. Here are some of the common washer problems we handle:

• Washing machine not filling with water
• Washer will not spin
• Washing machine is not draining
• There is a leak coming from the washer
• The washer is off balance
• The washing machine is making a clanking noise

iFix Washing Machine Repair Service

If you have a problem with your washing machine, call iFiX today. Our friendly staff will help with all your washing machine repair needs. We can handle everything from simple part replacements to helping you select a new washing machine. Call iFiX today for more information on washer repair service in Ogden, 801.731.4349!

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