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ice maker repair

We offer ice maker repair in Ogden, Utah. One of the hardest working devices in the home is your refrigerator. However, we often take the ice maker in the fridge for granted. If your fridge isn’t making ice, iFiX can help! We provide repair work for a variety of refrigerators and freezers. Ice makers are prone to problems as they frequently chop ice and create ice all day long. Many of the original models are created with small motors, which can cause the ice maker to struggle to chop and create ice.

When an Ice Maker Breaks

Most people assume an ice maker is broken when it no longer produces ice, however, there are several other symptoms and things to check on before expecting the motor has burned out. The good news is that ice makers are often repairable. Here are the two most common ice maker problems that occur:

  • Ice no longer ejects
  • When it no longer makes ice
  • Ice tastes bad
  • Ice is discolored
  • Water leaks

If ice is no longer ejecting from the refrigerator, there could be a simple fix on your hands. In many situations, the metal control arm has been moved and it is blocking the ice from coming out. If the control arm is down, you need to check your mold to see if it is filled with ice. The problem may lie with the gearbox and other electrical problems.

What happens if your ice machine is no longer producing ice?

When the ice maker is not doing its job and no longer producing ice, it could be related to a clog in the water line to the fridge. If you do not see the clog close to the machine, it is wise to call the professionals from iFiX to repair the ice line.

One final problem we do see with ice makers is when they start creating ice cubes that are too large or too small. If this problem occurs, adjust the water the ice mold is filled with. There is a screw and spring assembly you will see under the cover, this is the area that controls the water dosing to the ice trays. You can adjust the water by using a screwdriver and turning it to the plus sign for more water or the negative sign for less water.

So what happens when your repairs are worse than some of these suggestions? It’s time to call in the professionals to work on your ice makers. iFiX has the experiences, tools, and training needed to work on a variety of makes and models of ice makers. Simply call our Ogden office to schedule an appointment for our professionals to look at your ice maker.

Waiting for Repairs?

Some homeowners feel that it’s not the end of the world to live without an ice machine. Whether or not you determine if you want to keep your ice maker running, there are some things you need to be aware of with an ice maker. There is a small tube leading to the fridge to create the cold water and ice. If your ice maker has been acting up, there is a strong possibility the problem could be with the water line. The last thing homeowners want to deal with is water leaks as that can turn from a simple repair into a massive repair needing mold remediation, wall repair, and more. Don’t let your ice maker turn into a massive problem! Call iFiX early on to diagnose and address your ice machine problem.

Call iFiX for Ice Maker Repair

If you have an ice maker struggling to do its job, give us a call! iFiX specializes in appliance repair in Utah. Our experienced team will be able to help with your ice maker repair and prevent additional problems with your fridge and freezer.