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Oven stovetop range repair in Ogden, Utah. One of the most used appliances in our home is the oven. Since we do rely on ovens, stovetops, and ranges to make great meals, it is vital to service them accordingly. iFiX provides oven, stove top, and range repair for all makes and models. iFiX has the training, certifications and skills necessary to work on all styles of gas and electric models. Contact us if you have a range and are in need a repair.


Is your oven failing to turn on? Does your oven have a problem heating to the correct temperature? Electric ranges often have problems with wire and terminal connections, causing heat to fluctuate. A gas range that fails to light can be dangerous. Gas leaks can be hard to find. With our training, expertise, and state of the art tools we can find even the smallest leak resolving those “I keep smelling gas” moments. We will troubleshoot a variety of problems from electrical shorts to failed circuits and gas leaks to identify what is causing the failure.

Common Issues in Ovens, Stovetops, and Ranges

We have seen a variety of problems with kitchen appliances. Our team is capable of diagnosing and resolving the issue with ovens, stoves, and ranges. If you notice any of these problems with your oven, stove top, or range, call iFiX immediately:

  • The burners will not heat
  • There is heat coming from only part of the burner
  • The burner is too hot even when it is on a low setting
  • Indicator lights continue to stay lit when not in use
  • The oven always has a burning smell when it is cooking
  • The oven will not clean itself in self-cleaning mode
  • The broiler is not working
  • The oven produces erratic temperatures
  • The oven will not heat up
  • The oven is making a clicking noise
  • The convection fan is not working
  • The display is not working
  • There is an F1, or similar, error in the display when the oven is used

A properly working oven is an essential part of the home. Don’t go another day with a broken oven! Contact iFiX for all your oven, stove top, and range repair needs.