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Layton Appliance Repair

With today’s busy economy, more and more homeowners are finding it challenging to keep up with all of the household chores. Our society has become accustom and reliant upon appliances to help us with daily chores that we are expected to keep up with. However, our appliances are often neglected until they break. What can you do if your washing machine stops working or your fridge won’t keep your food cold anymore, call iFiX! We provide Layton appliance repair services to ensure your appliances are working the way they are supposed to.

Broken Appliances Are a Big Problem

When an appliance breaks, your entire household can quickly come to a standstill. Homeowners are not sure when they should repair or replace an appliance. If the appliance is in good shape its likely worth at least a call to determine if it may be a cost-effective option. Repairs can extend the life of an appliance for many years, at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. iFiX is always focused on finding the best solution for you, our clients. We want to make sure you are confident in your appliances and their ability to help you manage your household.

Modern Appliances vs Older Appliances

Many homeowners often find their friends and neighbors suggesting new appliances if their appliances are more than 10 years old. However, not all “old” appliances are worth tossing to the curb. We recommend calling iFiX first as we can troubleshoot your issue over the phone prior to visiting your home. Sometimes an appliance just needs a little cleaning and TLC and doesn’t need major repairs or replacement. Modern appliances tend to get a better reputation among people because of the bells and whistles. Most new appliances are computer driven and are performing many tasks simultaneously. The allows for greater efficiency, convenience, and aesthetics. However, there are many more parts that can fail. Replacement isn’t always the answer, give iFiX a call and we can restore your appliance to like new operation!

Is a Warranty Effective?

Warranties can be a great tool in aiding costly repairs. However, statistically they are not in your favor. Many companies and sales people make more money off of the sale of a warranty than the sale of the product. We recommend reading the warranties and understanding the coverages prior to their purchase. A 5 year warranty purchased at a big box store is only a 4 year warranty because the first year is covered by the manufacturer. If you like having your products under a warranty, consider a home warranty.

Contact iFiX for all your Layton appliance repair needs. Our trusted professionals are here to help and will work hard to bring you the best repair services in Davis County.