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Spring Appliance Issues

Common Spring Appliance Issues You Need to Know About

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Utah weather patterns of extreme cold and extreme heat can take an impact on your appliances. Now that we are well into spring, it’s time to take a moment to give your appliances a little TLC. There are several appliances that need to work harder in the winter due to the cold air, which forces appliances to work harder to do their job. However, the same problem can occur when appliances are exposed to higher amounts of heat, such as the heat of Utah summer weather. Here are some things you need to be on the lookout for this spring:

Fridge No Longer Cooling

Once summer strikes, you will want your fridge to keep your food cool during the heat. It is important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance to expand the lifespan of your fridge. If you find that your fridge is starting to feel warm, or it seems like it is not keeping food cold, it’s time to give iFiX a call.

Water Leaking Inside the Fridge

The refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in the home. A fridge can easily spring a leak, especially if it is plumbed in for water to provide ice and cold water. Make sure you don’t have excess tubing that can pinch behind the unit. Do you have water dripping from the ceiling of your fridge or feezer, or excess water or moisture on your shelves? Do you have ice building up under the bottom bin in the feezer? You could have a clogged defrost drain or an air leak. iFix provides expert refrigerator repair services and can clear the fridge or freezer drains to prevent water from building up and damaging your fridge for good.

A fridge will need to work harder in the summer, so we recommend doing some fridge maintenance prior to the summer to help it keep your food cool on those hot days!

Wet Clothes in the Dryer

Dryers are another appliance that is used frequently. If you have noticed your dryer is no longer drying your clothes correctly, call iFiX. We can find out what is causing the dryer to struggle to dry the clothes. Dryers often work harder in the winter months as many appliance owners will hang some clothes out to dry in the summer months, reducing the amount of stress on the dryer.

At iFiX, we provide appliance repair services for all appliances. We can help you with all your major appliance repair service needs. If your appliance needs a tune-up, or you need major repairs, we’re here to help! Schedule your appointment to have iFiX inspect your appliances for common spring appliance issues.

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