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Food Items You Should Never Put Down the Garbage Disposal

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For every homeowner, garbage disposals are a major convenience. We throw our food down the drain, flip a switch, and it’s gone forever. However, certain items aren’t intended to go down the drain. 

So if your garbage disposal starts making a grinding noise, chances are, you accidentally let something slip down the drain. To prevent this from happening, here’s a list of things you should never put down the garbage disposal. 

What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal

  1. Grease

Grease is commonly known to be a “no-no” for garbage disposals. Your garbage disposals can’t break down grease, so it will coat and clog your pipes, which may destroy your plumbing. Instead of pouring it down the disposal, we recommend putting it in a mason jar and using it for your future recipes. 

  1. Garlic and Onion Skins

While onion and garlic pieces are fine down the disposal, their skin can lead to damage due to their thin membrane sticking to the sides of the pipes. So make sure to toss the skins in the trash to save on costly repairs.

  1. Coffee Grounds

Throwing wet or dry coffee grounds into your garbage disposal will also wreak havoc on your plumbing. The particles will stick to the side of the disposal, slowly building up and turning into sludge. Over time, the grounds will build up. Although you may want to toss the coffee grounds into the trash, why not take full advantage of them and add them to your compost pile? It’s an eco-friendly, easy process.

  1. Pasta

Pasta expands in water, so it’s best not to throw your entire pasta casserole down the disposal. Although a few scraps will likely be ok, too much can get trapped in the mainline and lead to major plumbing issues. 

Faulty Appliande?
  1. Bones

Garbage disposals aren’t meant for tough items like bones. In fact, they can destroy the disposal’s motor and blades, making them useless. With that being said, make sure you throw away your chicken or turkey bones next time so you protect your garbage disposal. The same goes for seafood shells. 

The Takeaway

Fixing your garbage disposal should be taken seriously. If it’s clogged, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions before tampering with it. Otherwise, there’s a chance of physical injuries. That’s why we always recommend calling a Northern Utah professional repair company to handle all of your garbage disposal repair needs.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Ogden, Utah

Whether you live in Ogden or surrounding areas like Salt Lake City, we’re available to help with all of your appliance repair needs. Our certified repair technicians have the experience to allow them to distinguish problems that your garbage disposal may be experiencing. We are happy to come by and give you an affordable estimate of our repair cost. Don’t put your garbage disposal off any longer. It can start to stink up your kitchen. Call us today at (801) 731-4349, and we will arrange a time to get your garbage disposal up and functioning properly again!



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