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How do gas valves work?

How Do Gas Valves Work?

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How do Gas Valves Work?

Gas valves are designed to stop or allow the flow of gas. Gas valves turn ¼ turn to open or close. If the handle is parallel to the pipe, then gas should flow. If it is perpendicular the flow of gas should cease.

Gas valve should be accessible and installed on every gas appliance in the home. A master valve that controls the flow to the entire home is located at the gas meter just before the pipe enters the home. You will need a wrench to turn the gas on or off at this location. This valve usually is only used during an emergency or to service the main gas branches of the home. We recommend calling Dominion Energy, formerly Questar, if you have concerns about gas supply to the home. For any concerns about gas piping in the home we recommend calling a high quality licensed plumber.

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