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Why You Shouldn't Delay Appliance Repairs

Getting To Know Your Appliances

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Preventative maintenance and TLC can go a long way when it comes to keeping your appliances running smoothly. Here are some simple steps homeowners can take to ensure their appliances will remain in tip-top shape for years to come.

How to Properly Maintain Your Home Appliances


Your refrigerator is one of the most expensive and heavily-used appliances, so it’s important to take care of it properly. Cleaning the condenser coils with a handheld vacuum once every six months will prevent the refrigerator from overworking its compressor. Also, use a counter-top cleaner to eliminate buildup on the door gasket.


We live in an age where more is considered better. However, when it comes to laundry detergent, it’s quite the opposite. More detergent doesn’t necessarily mean cleaner clothes. In fact, too much laundry detergent can wreak havoc on your washer, causing leftover residue on clothes and increased wear and tear on the pump, motor, and seals. So how do you make sure you don’t overdo it? As a general rule of thumb, you should measure laundry detergent using the bottle caps that come with high-quality products.


To maintain dryers, clean the lint trap after each load to maintain proper ventilation and heating. A clogged exhaust increases energy use and lengthens drying time, which can take a toll on your utility bills. Poor air circulation will also take a toll on the functional parts of the unit, causing them to wear faster.


If you have gas stove burner heads, use a brass bristle brush to make sure they remain clean and clear of carbon deposits and other debris. Also, avoid lining stovetops and ovens with aluminum foil. It creates superheat between the foil and the enamel, causing the foil to melt and permanently adhere to the stove.

Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is made for biodegradable food only, so make sure to avoid tossing grease, oil, fat, harsh chemicals, egg shells, oats, pealings and other non-biodegradable foods that will stick or solidify to your disposal or drain. To clean your garbage disposal, toss in a handful of ice and lemon juice.

Faulty Appliande?


Food splatter and residue are common in all microwaves. Cleaning the inside on a weekly basis will avoid grease build-up and ensure the enamel stays thick and strong. We also recommend soaking grease filters in vinegar to keep the exhaust fan working efficiently. Plus, remove metal wracks unless you’re using it for multi-level cooking.


Periodically cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher can provide you with spotless dishes after each washing cycle.  First, you should always scrape off large food scraps or anything solid to prevent a clogged pump. However, dishwasher manufacturers with more efficient models say there is no need to do a complete rinse. To clean your dishwasher, pour enough white vinegar into the bottom to cover the basin. Let the unit sit for 2-3 days, longer if needed, and then run a heavy clean cycle with all heat options. Gently scrub any remaining dirty areas with a toothbrush. To keep your dishwasher in good working condition and prevent clogged floats, stay away from liquid detergent. Instead, use pods, pouches, or tablets.

Trash Compactor

Having a trash compactor helps homeowners consolidate a large amount of trash into a single bag. To ensure your trash compactor continues to work for years to come, make sure to only use trash compactor bags. If a traditional trash bag is used in a compactor, it will most likely puncture or tear due to the extreme force of a full compacted load of trash and can get stuck in the ram mechanism.

Warm Drawer

Be sure to clean your warm drawer on a weekly basis.

Wine Cooler

Load your wine cooler properly so the door closes.

Standalone Icemakers

Buy the factory recommended cleaner and clean every 6 months. During your cleaning process, check the condensers and vacuum out every 3 months. 

Vent Hood

Degrease and clean your vent hood to prevent the parts from getting brittle. Plus, make sure to use it on a regular basis.

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