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How To Prevent Washing Machine Floods - How to Fix an Over-Sudsing Washing Machine

How to Fix an Over-Sudsing Washing Machine

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Learn How to Fix an Over-Sudsing Washing Machine with iFiX, LLC’s expert tips.

Have you ever done a load of laundry and seen excess suds emerge? While you may think this means your clothes are squeaky clean, too much soap and excess suds can harm your washing machine. Here are the top reasons why your washer might be over-sudsing and how to fix it.

Why Your Washing Machine is Over-Sudsing

The Wrong Type of Detergent

Newer washing machines are “HE” or High Efficiency units, which means they use less water and require a smaller amount of concentrated soap. So if you have one of the HE units, make sure to buy an HE laundry detergent. However, there are still millions of non-HE machines. If you have one of these older units, make sure to use a normal detergent or a small amount of the concentrated HED detergent. 

The best detergents on the market are Tide or Gain. They are more expensive detergents, but they work wonders. Buying at Sam’s Club or Costco or in bulk is most cost effective.

Too Much Detergent

Most people use way too much detergent. More isn’t always considered better. In fact, too much laundry detergent can harm your washer, causing leftover residue on clothes and increased wear and tear on the pump, motor, and seals. So how do you make sure you’re putting the proper amount of detergent in your washer? We recommend always measuring the detergent using the bottle caps that come with high-efficient products. 

Excess Residue

Residue is a direct result of using too much detergent. This will greatly reduce the life of the unit and add more soap to each wash load than you meant to add, which can create over-sudsing. As we mentioned above, make sure you are using the proper amount of detergent. Always refer to the scoop or cup that comes with the product you are using rather than the indicators on the washing machine. 

Faulty Appliande?

Blocked Drain Pump

Another reason why your washing machine is over-sudsing is due to a blockage in the drain hose. To check the drain hose, detach it and remove any obstructions. Consider replacing the drain pump if it’s worn out. Most of these issues can be avoided by checking the clothing for foreign objects prior to washing them. Most drain pump failures are damaged due to foreign objects.

Call in the Appliance Repair Pros at iFiX for Your Over-Sudsing Washing Machine

If your washing machine is draining, spinning and filling up with water, it should still be able to clean your clothes. However, if you’re noticing an abundance of suds, there’s most likely an issue that needs to be resolved. If troubleshooting yourself doesn’t fix the problem, call iFiX Appliance Repair. We provide washing machine repair services and can repair your appliance and troubleshoot for additional concerns.

We can repair broken washing machines and identify other areas of concerns that need to be addressed.

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How to Fix an Over-Sudsing Washing Machine ?


How to Fix an Over-Sudsing Washing Machine ?

To fix an over-sudsing washing machine, reduce detergent usage, use high-efficiency (HE) detergent, and run an extra rinse cycle. Check for detergent buildup in the dispenser and clean it regularly. Additionally, choose the appropriate wash cycle for the load size, and avoid overloading the machine.



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