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My Gas Stove Keeps Clicking: What Should I Do?

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Whether you’re a professional chef cooking for a 5-star restaurant, busy homeowner looking to put food on the table, or a college student heating noodles, your gas stove is an essential appliance. Undoubtedly, you expect to hear a “click, click, click” as you turn the burner knob so the electric igniter lights the burner. Once the flame ignites, the clicking stops.

But what happens when your gas stove keeps clicking and the burner won’t light at all? Or if your burner lights but doesn’t stop clicking?If you hear this non-stop clicking coming from your stove, you may also notice a continuous blue spark. Don’t worry – this isn’t an immediate danger.

But it is frustrating, and it can hinder your plans for a delicious meal. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem before calling a repair technician.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of troubleshooting your gas stove issues, let’s take a look at how a gas stove works.

How Gas Stoves Work

Gas stoves are made up of either a pilot light or an electronic ignition system. This high voltage arc safely ignites the gas-producing a consistent flame to cook with. Natural gas enters your stove from the main gas supply to your house. It’s then carried to the manifold, where it mixes with air inside the burner. As you turn the burner control knob, you control precisely how much gas reaches the stove. The higher you set the knob, the more gas is delivered.

Your gas stove heats up with natural gas that enters the appliance from the main gas supply to your house. The supply line carries the gas to the burner, where it mixes with air inside a manifold. As you rotate the burner control knob, you control exactly how much gas enters the burner. The higher you set the knob, the larger the flame.

Faulty Appliande?

Now, here are some common things to consider if your gas stove igniter keeps clicking. 

Troubleshooting a Clicking Gas Stove 

Adjust the Burner Cap

In most cases, a gas stove keeps clicking due to an out of alignment burner cap or a dirty burner. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple fix. First and foremost, make sure that the cooktop is cool. Make sure the stovetop is completely cool. Then, remove the burner grate to access the cap beneath it. Remove the cap and secure it on the base. This should do the trick. Some burners bases are keyed to fit only one way. Make sure the burner base is clean and secure as well as the cap.

Remove the Excess Moisture

Excess moisture may be another reason why your gas stove igniter keeps clicking. From grease spills to boiling water spilling over, it’s common for liquid to linger in the burner.

To properly remove the excess moisture, take off the burner cap, and wipe the top of the range with a towel. To speed things up, place a fan in front of the burners. You can also ignite the burner with a BBQ lighter which will then dry out the burner.

Remove Food Debris

Food or other debris may be blocking the igniter. To remove the debris from the burner grooves, we recommend using either a metal pin or paperclip. As a general rule of thumb, avoid using a toothpick, because it could break off and become lodged inside, causing you even a bigger headache.

NOTE: Although a clicking gas stove isn’t typically dangerous, it’s important to note that if you smell gas or suspect a leak, shut off the gas supply, exit your home, and call your utility provider.

If the problem is not with the device itself, you may have an issue with the spark ignition switch. Read on for troubleshooting tips on a faulty spark ignition switch. 

Problems With the Spark Ignition Switch

As we mentioned above, the spark ignition switch ignites the flame by sending an electric current to the spark module. The switch may get shorted due to excess moisture, electrical surge, or a variety of other reasons. A damaged ignition switch may begin to send a continuous current to the spark module, causing it to click continuously. Some higher end products have re-ignition. When you burner blows out it will reignite itself. If the burner is dirty and out of adjustment the burner will ignite but continue to click. Cleaning and re-aligning the burner may correct issue. If not it’s a good thing you have iFiX, so you don’t have to!

Troubleshoot a faulty spark ignition switch by placing a multimeter on each of the stove switches. If the multimeter shows that the switch has continuity, you’ll need to replace the switch, assuming the switch is in the off position. Or if the burner is in the ignition position it should have continuity. 

Tip: Wondering how to clean your gas stovetop? Grab a brass bristle brush wipe down any carbon deposits and other debris on your stovetop. Although you may be tempted to keep your stove and oven clean with aluminum foil, avoid this at all costs. The foil will melt to the enamel, permanently sticking to the stove, take this advice for you oven as well. Never place aluminum foil on an enameled surface.

Other Common Issues in Gas Stovetops

As a homeowner, you may deal with other stove problems overtime. Beyond sparking and clicking, there are a couple of additional issues commonly associated with gas-fueled ovens:

  • The burners won’t heat.
  • There is heat coming from only part of the burner.
  • The burner is overheating.
  • Indicator lights continue to stay lit when not in use.
  • Pilot light regularly goes out.
  • The burner flame is weak.
  • A gas odor is present.

At iFiX, we’ve seen nearly every problem imaginable with kitchen and other home appliances. Our team is capable of diagnosing and resolving the issue with ovens, stoves, and ranges. If you notice any of these problems with your stove, call iFiX immediately:

Gas Stove Repair in Ogden and Surrounding Areas

A gas range that fails to light can be dangerous. And gas leaks can be hard to find. With our training, expertise, and cutting edge tools, we can find even the smallest gas leak, keeping you and your family out of harm’s way. Our team will troubleshoot a variety of problems from electrical shorts to failed circuits and gas leaks to identify what is causing the failure.

Remember, always leave any repairs that could cause a gas leak to the professionals.

Call iFiX Today for Your Utah Stove Repair Service

If you have a problem with your gas or electric stove or need helping to select your new stove, call iFiX today at 801.731.iFiX (4349). Our team is capable of diagnosing and resolving the issue with ovens, stoves, and ranges. We have the ability to service a wide variety of different makes and models.



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  1. Thank you. Very helpful. Also. Ice to know O have a place to call for support for my gas stove problems.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. I’ll never buy another GE-anything.
    If you look around online, almost every person having this issue has a GE stovetop. Not familiar with the brand other than my stovetop, but those burners love to snap or buzz, for days at a time, so I can’t use my burners. There should have been a recall. Total junk.

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