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North Ogden Connection Magazine Feature

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North Ogden Connection Magazine Feature

We were featured in the North Ogden Connection Magazine which is a local publication that covers North Ogden, Utah. They wrote up a very nice article about us that we would like to share with all of you.  Below is the article from the magazine.

iFix Appliance Repair

Jonathan Baker is proud to build his business in the community he grew up in.

Jonathan Baker grew up in North Ogden and loves our community. He is the owner [of] iFix, an appliance repair company specializing in kitchen and laundry appliances. We had a chance to sit down with Jon and ask him about his ties to the community and his business. He shared some really fun memories that many North Ogden and Pleasant View originals will enjoy.

We appreciate Jon and iFix. We are glad to have him as part of our community and we are grateful that he has chosen to support our community magazine.

INFO Company: iFix Type: Appliance repair Phone: 801.731.iFix Web:

What are your favorite memories of growing up in North Ogden?

I remember Mr. Tams at Bates elementary he had a really loud voice and could get us so riled up at the assemblies, it was really fun. I remember Mrs. Martin at North Ogden Junior High, she was a tough teacher, in fact she was probably the hardest teacher I ever had. I loved it though because she was the first teacher that expected the best from me. I came to realize that she cared enough to require my best. It was such a great life lesson.

Tell us about your family.

I married my wife Jessica 8 years ago in the Salt Lake Temple. We have one child who is just over 1 year old. My wife is from Clinton and when I got home from my mission, all of my friends were already married. I told them that they had all gotten boring while I was gone. I told one of my friend’s wife that she was in charge of finding me a wife so I could be boring like them. Well, she did. She introduced me to Jessica and we literally saw each other every day until we got married 10 months later.

Faulty Appliande?

Tell us about iFix? What do you do and why?

I have always been interested in entrepreneurship but have been a little too scared to take the risk. When my son was born, I started thinking about what I really want long term for my family. Last November I started thinking of business names and came up with iFix which I really liked. I decided to make this company right from the start. I hired Adam Miconi [], a friend of mine from North Ogden who was a designer. He created the design for my truck and our logo. The design came together so well, I filed for trademark.

I believe in doing quality work. I don’t try to be the cheapest I try to be fair and do great work. I make sure I use the best tools and the best replacement parts. This is key to my customers’ satisfaction. I know I have to help people in a time when their world is turned upside down a bit by the failure of a machine they likely use every day. I make it my policy to try and know if I can help over the phone and make sure it isn’t a flipped breaker or something easy. I put customers first, not their wallet.

How long have you been repairing appliances?

I have been in the industry for nearly 12 years. I have been on my own for nearly 1 year.

What is the most common issue you see?

The most common things I hears about are dishes that don’t come out clean. Either food particles are left or they get a white haze on them. This is an interesting problem because it is usually not the dishwasher that is the problem. Usually it is the water. If the temperature of the water is too hot or too cold, it won’t activate the enzymes in the soap or the jet dry. It is very important to use a quality soap and a quality jet dry. If you would like more info on how to fix this issue, you can email or call Jon. Often this can be fixed without a repair person.

Do you recommend any particular brands?

It depends on the homeowner and their taste but you get what you pay for. I like Whirlpool products, however they have changed their designs so it is hard to quote a new track record. I am willing to give advice on what to buy. You can just email me and send model numbers of what you are looking at and I will let you know my thoughts. I am officially an appliance repair company but really, I am in the people business. I want to help my customers, do a good service and make people happy. I am really here to help not just to charge my customers.

Source: Spelts,Ryan “iFix Appliance Repair” North Ogden Connection October 2016. Accessed February 2017.



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