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The Best Vent Hood for Your Kitchen

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If you regularly cook with high temperatures and oils, ventilation is essential to filter out heat, smoke, grease, odor, and moisture. To achieve this, you’ll need a quality vent hood. 

What are Vent Hoods?

Vent hoods are designed to extract air from within the home and push it outside the home. Using a vent hood is a great way to help improve the air quality in your home and limit the buildup of oil on cabinets. Not only do vent hoods protect your home against smoke damage and unwanted smells, but they also protect your health by reducing the amount of carbon monoxide that may be present in your home. Inadequate ventilation will exacerbate the potential problems this toxic gas presents.

After considering these invaluable benefits of a vent hood, fully research each one before you buy. Different types of vent hoods will have a slightly different installation requirements, but if you choose the right one, you’ll be cooking comfortably for years to come.

Types of Vent Hoods

There are several vent hoods available in the market. The one you choose depends on a few factors, including your kitchen size, location, cooking range, and cooking habits. Here are the most common types of vent hoods so that you can choose the right one for you and your home.

Under-Cabinet Vent Hoods

One of the more popular and compact options for range ventilation is the under-cabinet hood. This type of vent hood is installed below the cabinets that are placed above your stove. Because of the versatile design, under-cabinet vent hoods can fit into just about any kitchen. The duct work is placed behind the hood or above the hood to draw away the smoke and odors.

Wall-Mounted Vent Hoods

A wall-mounted hood is another popular and compact option that allows homeowners to save on space. This vent hood is connected to the wall above your stove. If your home has existing cabinetry, it may need to be removed to make space for the hood. These hoods typically come with a chimney that vents air out through the exterior wall behind them.

Faulty Appliande?

If you’re looking to add a unique look to your kitchen, a wall-mounted hood is a reliable option. Not only is it a functional appliance for home, but it also doubles as a design element. For this reason, wall-mounted hoods tend to be more expensive. 

Island or Ceiling Mounted Vent Hoods

Kitchens with an oven located on an island should be paired with an island or ceiling mounted hood. Similar to a wall-mounted hood, this type of vent hoods can add a distinctive look to your kitchen. Choose between a variety of designs and modern materials, including copper, glass, or ceramic.

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

Downdraft ventilation hood is a less conventional ventilation system, as it’s kept hidden until it’s time to use it. The hood pops up along the back of your range. This can be an excellent solution for kitchens where space is limited. 

Ventilator Power Pack Hoods

As a seamless vent hood, a ventilator power pack can be installed to your kitchen’s cabinets without utilizing a lot of space. Since it’s compact, you won’t need to remove any cabinets or adjust the look of your kitchen. Keep in mind that you’ll need to work with a contractor to have one custom fit into your current kitchen structure.

Vent Hood Features

Here are some vent hood features to consider.


When looking into vent hoods, consider the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of exhausted air. Stronger airflow means faster ventilation.

Number of Fan Speeds

Most vent hoods on the market offer three to six fan speeds. Most homeowners only need a minimum of two speeds: a high-speed setting to use when cooking and a low setting to continue to ventilate the space after cooking. 

Thermostat Control

A built-in temperature sensor automatically switches on the fan if the temperature under the hood gets excessively high. This feature protects the electronics on your microwave by drawing away hot air and pulling in the cooler air from the rest of the kitchen.

Exhaust Timer

This handy feature turns off the ventilator after a set period of time.

The Takeaway

A ventilation system that keeps the air in your home free from lingering odors, smoke, and other irritating cooking traces can maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family. With the number of options of vent hood styles available on the market, you’ll no doubt find one that satisfies your tastes. Ultimately, depending on your stove and kitchen design, the choice is yours. 

Common Vent Hood Repairs

Homeowners often overlook the filter on a vent hood, which causes the motor to break down. Here are some of the more common vent hood issues you need to be concerned about:

The vent hood isn’t sucking up smoke. 

If you have a non-ducted vent hood, the smoke won’t clear if you have a filter that is clogged. Try replacing the filter. If this doesn’t work, consider calling a repair technician to troubleshoot the problem. 

Air is not venting. 

When the air isn’t venting properly, it’s generally due to a broken exhaust fan or faulty fan blade. The blower motor could have something stuck inside it, causing vent difficulties.

The motor is making noise. 

If your vent hood is humming or making a clicking noise, the exhaust fan motor most likely needs to be replaced. If your motor is loud, you could be dealing with fan motor bearings.

The lights aren’t working. 

If the lights aren’t working, this could indicate a broken light assembly, defective switch, blown fuse, or defective control board.

Call iFiX for Vent Hood Repair

If you have a broken vent hood, call iFiX today. Vent hood repairs can help you keep your kitchen in tip-top shape. Our professionals have the experience, training, and resources needed to repair or replace vent hoods properly. If you are in Ogden or surrounding areas, iFiX is your solution for appliance repair needs!



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