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Why Your Washer Leaves Clothes Soaking Wet

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Laundry day is exhausting. Between separating darks and lights, doing multiple loads, and folding, it can take a decent amount of time and energy. The last thing you want is your washing machine to malfunction and leave your clothes soaking wet.

Take a look at the top reasons why your washing machine is leaving your clothes too wet.

Unbalanced Washing Machine

Overloading your washing machine can cause a slew of problems, including an unbalanced appliance. Imbalance can reduce the washer’s spin speed, resulting in the washer not being able to evacuate all the water simulating a draining issue. So it’s important to distribute properly. On top of that, always put jeans with jeans, towels with towels, etc. This will protect the washer and your clothing while saving hundreds on costly repairs. If you need to balance the washer, we recommend doing so during a spin cycle. Once you make sure the washer is well connected and level on the ground, you’ll be able to adjust the feet to absorb excess vibration.

Drain Issues

Another reason why your clothes are coming out soaking wet after washing is due to the appliance not draining properly. To solve drain issues, you’ll want to investigate the drain hose for kinks or blockages. The drain filter, located behind a panel at the bottom of the washer, may also need to be inspected for clogs and debri. Finally, inspect the drain pump located behind the washer’s back panel. If you don’t see any visible clogs, use a multimeter to test the pump for continuity. 

Damaged Water-Level Pressure Switch

The water-level pressure switch helps the washing machine detect the amount of water inside the drum. If your washer is overfilling or failing to drain (leading to wet clothes), chances are, the switch is damaged and needs to be replaced by an experienced repair technician.

Excessive Detergent

A lot of people think using extra detergent will make your clothes cleaner. However, high-efficient washers are actually designed to use less water, so avoid using excessive detergent, softer, and bleach. A good rule of thumb is to use the recommended amount on the cap or scoop.

Faulty Appliande?

Malfunctioning Lid Switch Assembly

If you have a top load washer, you may have seen the lid switch assembly. This piece of equipment stops the washer from spinning if the lid is open. A malfunctioning lid switch will prevent the washer from spinning even if the lid is closed. We recommend using a multimeter to test the switch’s continuity. A lack of continuity will require you to replace the switch. 

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