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Your Fall Appliance Checklist

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Fall is right around the corner, which means cooler weather, crisper air, and family gatherings And with these family gatherings comes cooking and cleaning. Follow this fall appliance checklist, so you can rest easy knowing that your home and appliances are ready for the colder season. 

Fall Appliance Checklist

Stove and Oven

During the colder seasons, our favorite comfort foods start to take the place of summer salads. What fall is best for is all the baked goods, soups, and stews. This means it’s time to crank up the oven and stove. After all, there’s nothing like working by a warm oven on a crisp, chilly day as you bake up something that makes your whole house smell amazing.

We recommend giving your oven proper cleaning and testing it for proper function. However, avoid self-cleaning before baking or cooking a big meal, as it can lead to failure. If your stove burners aren’t igniting make sure they are clean of debris. You will want to troubleshoot and resolve your problems prior to needing to use the appliance. Consider calling a repair technician if you can’t find and resolve the issue. 


After eating your baked goods or hearty stew, it’s time for the dishwasher to clean your dishes. If your dishwasher isn’t doing its job, you could be needlessly suffering throughout the season. Fortunately, many issues can be resolved by you.

Try this helpful tip: Turn on your kitchen faucet and run the water until it’s hot before you turn on the dishwasher. Turning on the hot water first will help the dishwasher pull hot water rather than starting with cold water. Don’t forget to use high-quality detergent and rinse aid and clean the filter regularly. Dishes should be placed in the dishwasher dirty. Scrape off any chunks or anything solid. Your dishwasher will last longer and will clean better if they are put in dirty. 


As a homeowner, you rely on your refrigerator to keep food fresh for your family, so it’s critical to maintain it to avoid costly repairs. Condenser coils tend to collect hair, dust, food, and other debris, which leads to blocked airflow. To remove the debris, vacuum the condenser coils frequently to remove the debris stuck beneath and behind the fridge. We suggest using a brush to clean the coils and remove excess grime. Clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils during the spring and fall. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to clean more if you have pets. 

Faulty Appliande?

Washing Machine

Loading too many articles of clothing into your washing machine can lead to failure, poor performance, which results in inadequate cleaning. It’s best to have garments of similar size and weight to ensure proper balance. If the clothing isn’t properly balanced, expect your washing machine to vibrate and wear down. As a general rule of thumb, always place towels with towels, jeans with jeans, and delicates with delicates. Make sure to wash blankets and other large items alone. If they exceed the size of the washer, don’t force it.

In addition to creating a balanced washing machine, avoid using too much detergent. Too much detergent can leave residue on clothes and damage on the pump, motor, and seals, dramatically reducing the lifespan of the machine. That’s why it’s essential to stick to the recommended amount of detergent. Remember, more detergent doesn’t meet cleaner, and more softener doesn’t mean fresher.


The dryer is one of the most used and overlooked appliances in the home. During your appliance fall checklist, make sure to thoroughly clean your lint filter (this should be done before each cycle). When the filter is clogged with a thick layer of link, air can’t properly circulate through the appliance, making it harder for the machine to dry the clothing. If your dryer isn’t drying your clothes the first time around, consider servicing it before you have parts fail.


One of the best things you can do to keep your microwave in excellent working condition is cleaning the inside to avoid grease buildup. Grease can wear down the enamel, causing plastic components to become brittle. Clean or replace filters to prevent grease from covering the ventilation. Once grease filters are saturated they allow grease to blow by and collect in other areas. These filters are very inexpensive and it is worth replacing them. In addition to cleaning the inside, remove the extra racks if you’re not doing multi-level cooking.

Wine Cooler

If you enjoy having a glass of wine with dinner or are the owner of an extensive wine collection, consider investing in a wine cooler to keep your wine at the optimum storage temperature. If you believe your cooler is not at the right temperature, place a thermometer in the cooler to determine the precise temperature. Allow the thermostat at least a half-hour to arrive at the accurate temperature.

Wine should be kept at 40-to-65-degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re a real wine connoisseur, ensure humidity levels are accurate to prevent damaging the wine. The ideal level for your wine cooler is around 50-80% humidity.

Warming Drawer

After cooking and baking, you’ll need a space to keep your food warm and flavorful. Fortunately, a warming drawer keeps food hot, safe, and tasty. As a general rule, perishable foods should stay out of the “danger zone,” which is 40°F-140°F. When something goes wrong, it can cause some headaches on the big day. First and foremost, check the power source for your warming drawer to ensure that energy is on-route to your appliance. If it has power but isn’t warming up, there could be an electrical, technical, or mechanical failure, which requires a repair technician.

The Takeaway

Consistent appliance maintenance can save a lot of money in the long run. The key is to treat these expensive machines as investments and maintain them for as long as possible. 

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We believe in taking on each job like it is our own home. We know the same headaches and frustrations of waiting for a service company to arrive. Our technicians are honest, reliable, and dependable. We work hard to provide our customers with the best appliance repair experience as possible. If you’ve given your home appliances TLC and they’re still malfunctioning, give iFiX a call today for all your appliance repair needs this fall.

If this fall appliance checklist helped you extend the life of your appliances, please share it or leave a comment below! Make sure to check out our other articles that you might enjoy on our blog.



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