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Modern Kitchen Cooktop - Electric Stovetop Not Heating

What To Do If Your Electric Stovetop Won’t Heat

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Learn what to do if your Electric Stovetop Not Heating. Explore iFiX LLC’s expert troubleshooting guide. Quick solutions for a perfectly functioning appliance.

Whether you’re an avid chef whose passion is cooking or a homeowner who cooks as a daily task, you want your electric stovetop to work correctly. If your electric stovetop is not working, the problem could be anything. It may just need to be unplugged and plugged back in, or it may need more extensive repairs. Luckily for you, we have all the information you will need to get cooking again on an electric stovetop.

What to do If your Electric Stovetop Not Heating ? (Step-by-Step)

Electric Stovetop Issues

Bad Burner

When one of your burners starts acting up, you should first turn the circuit breaker off and then on again at the breaker box outside of your home. If one of your electric stovetop burners still isn’t heating, the problem could be a bad burner. If your stove has plug-and-play burners that are easy to remove, you can try turning off the power and switching a faulty burner with one you know is working. 

It’s also possible that food drippings have accumulated on the coils and terminal, making it impossible to secure an electrical connection. Clean the burner by giving it a good scrub, paying special attention to the terminals.

If your electric stove has a glass top and the burner isn’t heating properly, look for cracks or scratches on its surface. Damage will slow down the heating. Fortunately, deep scratch marks can buff out easily, but your burner may need replacing altogether depending on how bad they are. Also, avoid using cast iron pans often, as they can damage stoves due to their weight.

If this still doesn’t heat up, there are two more possibilities.

Faulty Appliande?

Burnt Socket Issues

If your burner provides inconsistent heat, it could be the socket. The small metal part underneath electric cooktops connects to an internal wiring device and provides power when you turn on a switch or push its starter button. Inspect the socket to determine if it’s burnt or charred. We recommend finding a repair technician to replace the burner socket.

Broken Infinite Switch

If you know the burner and socket are working properly, the infinite switch could be the issue. This switch can range from low to high settings without being limited by presets other types of controls have, like the three to four fixed options. You can find it behind the burner knob you use to control the temperature. To inspect the infinite switch, remove the back panel exposing the infinite switch. Then, test using a multimeter set at RX-1. If the meter reading stays the same, the infinite switch needs to be replaced.

Contact iFiX for Electric Stovetop Repair

It can be frustrating when your electric stovetop won’t heat properly. While you can do some troubleshooting on your own, it may be best to do a quick Google search for “electric stovetop repair near me” to get it working as soon as possible. 

A properly working stovetop is an essential part of the home. Don’t go another day with a broken stovetop! Contact iFiX for all your oven, stovetop, and range repair needs.

In conclusion, our troubleshooting guide for an electric stovetop not heating provides essential insights to swiftly address and resolve the issue. Trust iFiX, LLC to guide you through effective solutions, ensuring your electric stovetop operates at its best. Empower yourself with our expertise, and turn your kitchen back into a hub of culinary excellence.

Please contact iFiX LLC, for your home appliance repair needs.



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