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When to Contact the Manufacturer For Appliance Repair

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If your appliance fails, it’s important to know who to call. Whether you’re thinking of contacting the manufacturer or a professional appliance repair company, here’s what you should know.

Contacting the Manufacturer for Appliance Repair

Before calling the manufacturer, you may be able to diagnose and repair the problem on your own by consulting the owner’s manual and troubleshooting on your own. First, ensure that the appliance’s maintenance is up to date. Plus, check to see if the required parts (such as condenser coils) are thoroughly cleaned and the breaker or GFCI outlet relay are properly working. A good way to ensure power is to plug in a lamp, hairdryer or cell phone.

If your appliance is still malfunctioning, consider calling the manufacturer if it is less than 1 year. If older than one year consult your owner’s manual for warranty. Their number can typically be found in the owner’s manual or online. To begin the diagnosis, your manufacturer will need the brand, model, serial number, history of the appliance, age of the appliance and current issue. Keep in mind that if you’re calling the manufacturer for factory warranty, you’ll need to have the original sales receipt to show where the appliance was originally purchased from. Otherwise, the manufacturer warranty may be invalid.

It’s important to note that not all repairs are covered with your manufacture warranty. Most of the time, they’ll offer only a “limited warranty,” which is typically limited to defects in manufacturing. Damage resulting from improper installation, repair, or maintenance may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Also take not if the warranty covers parts only after the first year. Most manufacturers cover 1 year of normal wear and tear and then selective parts for an additional duration prescribed in the owner’s manual.

When to Contact an Appliance Repair Company

When your manufacturer warranty comes up short, it’s best to contact a licensed and insured appliance company that is capable of servicing a wide variety of different brands and appliances. At iFiX, our qualified appliance technicians can successfully service all brands and models of appliances, new and used.

Our Appliance Repair Warranty

As a reputable appliance repair company in Northern Utah, iFiX offers a 1-year parts and labor guarantee so you’ll never have to worry about paying for the same service more than once within that time frame. We try to come to your home as quickly as possible, and in some cases, we will be able to come that same day. The failing appliance will be repaired at no additional charge to you. With our warranty, you can expect the following:

Faulty Appliande?
  • Trained Service Representatives
  • Local, licensed, insured, dependable repair technicians
  • Guaranteed service work without an additional fee (1-year parts and labor)
  • Solid customer service
  • Clear communication

Need an Appliance Repaired? Call iFiX, LLC Today!

Before relying on the manufacturer and their sometimes unreliable, costly service, we recommend calling the professional appliance repair technicians at iFiX in Northern Utah. As your most-trusted option for appliance repair in Ogden and surrounding cities, iFiX is ready to fix your broken appliance so you don’t have to. Our highly trained technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today at 801-731-4349 to schedule an appointment.



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