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Why Won’t My Electric Oven Turn On

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The oven in your home is a convenient appliance that you use to bake and cook food, but what happens when the oven won’t heat up? It can be frustrating if your electric oven won’t turn on. Here are a few reasons why this might happen.

Electric Oven Not Turning On

Fuse Issues

Fuses are a common problem with electrical appliances. Fuse problems often occur in home appliances such as an electric oven due to faulty wiring on internal power units. If the fuses in your electric oven go out, it’s best to replace them immediately because this can lead to costly issues later down the line or, even worse–fire. You may think that just one fuse is blown, but sometimes there are several different ones linked up together that regulate various parts like coils, heating elements, and other components within an appliance. It’s better safe than sorry when dealing with these things, so if you notice any problems, get those new fuses installed ASAP before more severe damage occurs.

Igniter Issues

If you notice that your stove is not igniting, it may need to be replaced. If the button does nothing when pressed and there’s no glow from the stove, this most likely means that something has gone wrong with your appliance. A repair technician can perform a voltage check using an amp meter to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Bake and Broils

The bake and broil components look quite similar, but there is a significant difference that most people don’t know. The oven has a heating element at the top called “broil,” while having another one on the bottom known as “bake.” Both components can fail for many reasons, including burnt wiring or disconnected circuits, which are hard to spot without careful inspection. During your inspection, make sure the oven is unplugged and cool. If you notice anything wrong with your oven’s elements like smoke coming out of it—or if it doesn’t turn on when prompted—call in a professional repair technician right away. They will check the fuses, thermostats, and switches for any internal issues. They’ll also have access to a wide range of replacement elements.

Sensor and Switches

If your oven is still refusing to turn on, the problem might lie with its temperature sensor, which regulates the temperature. Depending on the make and model of your electric oven, you may notice an error code display up on your control panel. In this case, use a multimeter to determine if you need to replace the sensor.

Another common problem with electric ovens is the infinite switch, which powers the surface elements. You’ll need to replace it by pulling off the switch knob, removing the old wires, and setting the new switch into place.

Faulty Appliande?

The Bottomline

What should you do if your electric oven suddenly won’t turn on? First things first, identify the problem. Your best bet is to try and fix it yourself, but a quick Google search for “electric oven repair technician near me” or similar will yield some results. 

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